Trading Shares from the Bath


Trading Shares from the Bath

Are you serious Trading Shares From the Bath?  Yes of course I am totally serious.Who then in their right mind would  trade shares from the Bath?

Of course you are absolutely right anyone doing that has to be  be stark raving bonkers.

Because I trade shares from the Bath yes that’s right sitting in the Bath with lovely warm water.

Share Trading from the Bath
Bath Room Share Trader

Some of the Best Trades that I have ever made have been when sitting in the bath.

Its great there are no interruptions or distractions and you can focus your mind on what you are doing.  Some nice bubble bath and a little scent can add to the calming experience.

The phone does not ring and you do not get put off watching the news.

Ok you have to be a little careful with your Ipad or Iphone that you are using to trade with and access the markets.  Obviously you do not want to damage them by dropping them in the water! But you can get water proof covers. But I do suggest you go easy on the Bubble Bath?

At the same time your Wi Fi needs to be of a good and reliable signal in the Bathroom.

I have found that some of my best trades have been made when relaxing and following up on ideas often after the market has initially opened.

That can be a good time to trade when the market has has a chance to breathe and some of the initial fizz has come out of the market.

If you want to learn more from a real trader then a great resource can be found at Share Trading Course where practical training and a lot of tips can be gained.

As with all share trading it is possible to lose more than ones deposit so at all times one should be prudent and ensure that a Stop Loss is in Place.